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Thread: kubuntu's KDE desktop not booting properly

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    kubuntu's KDE desktop not booting properly

    My kubuntu laptop boots to a black screen with a command line cursor (the cursor isn't blinking and I can't enter anything), and with KDE Dark Breeze mouse cursor that I can control, for some reason.
    Ctrl + F2 doesn't do anything at all.
    Rebooting doesn't solve the problem.
    Booting to a previous Linux kernel has the same effect.
    The kubuntu logo shows properly on startup.
    The recovery mode seems to work properly, and allows me to enter commands.
    A very simple solution would be to reinstall it, but is there anything more that I can do about this?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: kubuntu's KDE desktop not booting properly

    Possibly worth trying
    ctrl + alt + f1

    or f2 etc up to f7?

    - though having now spotted your comment that you've got a controllable mouse cursor I doubt if that will achieve much.
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