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Thread: microsoft,UBUNTU and PCs

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    Just attempting to buy a new PC. Mine old and tired.

    Went to shop and found all PCs come with MS windows 10. After a bad experience with win 10 I do not want win 10 at all. Thought about it and thought the only alternatives are Linux or save more pennies and get a MAC.

    So bought a HP pavilion destop got home, downloaded UBUNTU 18.04 made bootable stick inserted into HP and nothing. Checked on net and disabled all the rubbish in the bios as told on many posts all to no avail, at no point was my bootable stick recognised. Made one from a win 10 iso and it was recognised.

    Solved problem by ditching HP getting my money back and bought a Lenovo ideapad320 inserted same stick with UBUNTU on set bios and whoopee up came the UBUNTU install. So I go for it telling it to take off everything and install.

    Problems after but that is on another thread.

    Have microsoft teamed up with PC manufacturers to stop linux?

    p.s. I may be a bit paranoid but seeing windows boot manager come up everytime i look at bios settings does not help, and having after one boot into UBUNTU that windows did not start properly did my head in.

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    Re: microsoft,UBUNTU and PCs

    Hi collectordave,

    It is unfortunate that the first laptop you bought gave you so much trouble when simply trying to install Ubuntu on it.

    However, I myself also own a Lenovo laptop and these (especially the older ones) are usually known to be more Linux compliant/compatible.

    You are not wrong in thinking that Microsoft teamed up with PC manufacturers. I would not go as far as saying that they are actively trying to block the installation of Linux on the systems, but hardware manufacturers mainly care about Windows compatibility only and almost all will ship with Windows by default.

    It might be worth checking for Linux compatibility online before buying a computer next time.

    I heard that Dell is a good brand for Linux, same with System76 if you live in the US.

    Best of luck fixing all problems you have with your new Lenovo machine.


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