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Thread: Web development environment on Lubuntu

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    Cool Web development environment on Lubuntu

    Hey guys,

    After being fed up with my Macbooks costing a fortune while not being as reliable as what I was expecting for their price-tag, I finally decided to give Ubuntu a go.

    I've had a HP laptop with Ubuntu about 15 years ago (not sure what version that was back then) and Ubuntu was very solid back then so I expect an even better experience now. Having a netbook with no high specs (like the Manjaro Bladebook sort of) I thought about using Lubuntu.

    I tested Manjaro XFCE, Ubuntu MATE, Lubuntu and Xubuntu on Virtual Machines and my Macbook Pro and the smoothest experience I'd say was definitely with Ubuntu MATE and Lubuntu (although Manjaro was also quite fast).

    I would use the laptop solely for Web Development, with a little bit of "every day computing", listening to Spotify, browsing, checking emails, some libre office work too (but I mostly use Google Docs these days). No gaming, no video editing.

    In terms of web development, I would need a couple of browser tabs open, couple of terminal sessions too (probably Terminator), SSHing into remote Ubuntu Servers, having web apps spinning up on localhost (3/4 at the same time, no more). Work mostly on Nodejs, Express, React, Python and PHP.

    What do you guys think of using Lubuntu for that ?

    Any pros and cons you could think of ? Anyone else has had experience working on web stacks on Lubuntu ?


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    Re: Web development environment on Lubuntu

    I would use Ubuntu.

    With Lubuntu (as I understand that now is based on Qt ?) I would check if ssh connections work well with the file manager. For instance I'm not able to use Kubuntu because of very slow ssh in dolphin (10Mb instead of 100Mb I get with gtk nautilus), if the libraries are the same in Dolphin and in Lubuntu File manager that can be a issue; unless you do not mind slow ssh transfers.


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