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Thread: Can bluetooth work well with Ubuntu?

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    Can bluetooth work well with Ubuntu?

    Hi All,

    I'm wondering whether I will be able to use bluetooth with Ubuntu. I'm not going into details here this time, because I just want to find out people's general experience of bluetooth on Ubuntu. Do any of you use bluetooth devices with Ubuntu? Are you able to make it work, or have you given up on it? Or is it usually a problem-free plug-and-play with the right headset? I want to use a wireless headset for meeting with clients online and for listening to podcasts, and I need very good sound quality in both directions. I'm wondering if I should stick to USB headsets, though I'd prefer to not stay physically connected to the computer.

    So far I'm running into all kinds of glitches, and it's a lot of work to use it. To reconnect a headset to my desktop computer, for example, I have go through a long sequence of steps, and sometimes repeat some of them. It doesn't stay bluetooth-connected after rebooting or after I switch sound output to my speakers. The sound settings can end up displaying something other than what the computer is actually doing (for example, it might show that it's using a driver for a different sound output while I'm successfully getting sound in/output through my headset, or vice versa). The computer can sometimes spontaneously disconnect from the headset while I'm on a call with someone. Very glitchy.

    I recently bought a Phiaton BT390 Bluetooth Headphones (PPU-BH0390BK01; $43) and it worked badly on my desktop computer with Ubuntu 16.04. I also tried it on my laptop with Ubuntu 18.04, and it didn't work much better. It seemed to work well with my phone, but I didn't test it as much that way as I expect to need it mostly with my computer. It could be that the headset is not a good model, or not compatible with Linux. I didn't try out System76's suggestions page for fixing bluetooth problems yet because I also was dissatisfied with the device's outgoing sound quality and physical comfort. I just returned it today.
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    Re: Can bluetooth work well with Ubuntu?

    My AKG Y50's been absolutely flawless. I haven't needed to try any others.
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