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Thread: Trying to install from usb, missing packages, can't connect to wifi

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    Question Trying to install from usb, missing packages, can't connect to wifi

    Edit: I have very little experience with Linux

    So I'm trying to install lubuntu (18.10) on my HDD via USB. Running lubuntu off of USB works very very well with my hardware. It interfaces with my wifi USB dongle well, I can open up the KDE partition manager and view my drives, and it doesn't feel laggy or anything. When I go through and try to install this onto my hard-drive, it'll go through. But when I boot from the hard drive then I started running into a lot of issues. Having some trouble debugging and figuring out why so I figured I'd post here.

    So to start off issues:
    - Slow boot up time. It takes a very long time to boot from hard drive, the whole experience is very slow. Not like when I booted from the USB. I figured it was because I was booting off a hard drive and maybe something was wrong with it hardware/mechanical wise
    - Can't connect to the internet. On flash drive, the wifi symbol will easily show up and it feels pretty self automated to get connected to the internet. When I boot from the hard drive the icon won't show up, and going through the menu's I can't seem to figure out what to do to fix this. Also for some reason both the flash drive and the hard drive are missing the net-tools package so I can't use commands like ifconfig
    - Also when I boot from harddrive -I'm actually missing the KDE partition manager that came with the flash drive version. I haven't checked if any other packages were missing but I'm not sure why it didn't transfer over?
    - Also just a small thing, but when I boot from hard drive the wall paper is just changed to black, not sure if that means anything

    Any insight would be much appreciated.
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    Re: Trying to install from usb, missing packages, can't connect to wifi

    Do you have any extra hard drives to determine if this is hardware issue?

    Aside from the speed issue it may be the way you installed it. The Live CD is much better configured than someone installing without experience. I'm guessing you're new to the game?

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