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Thread: Have No internet wired or wifi - LUBUNTU

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    Have No internet wired or wifi - LUBUNTU

    Hi guys, I'm really new user for Lubuntu... in fact is my first attemp to use something different than Windows.

    I have an old Dell computer, with Atom processor 1.6Ghz, 1Gb Ram and 150GB HDD, so making some reserch on the web found that Lubuntu is a good choice for my computer (please confirm that).

    So followings some web pages and tutorials I finally installed the 18.4 version. However, I had tried to connect it to internet with no results using cable either wifi... please give me some help to have this netbook running properly.


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    Re: Have No internet wired or wifi - LUBUNTU

    Need to know what networking hardware you're using, please see

    Lubuntu sounds perfect for the specs you posted.

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