I'm on a normal (eg non-apple) PC and trying to use an Apple keyboard with a familiar style to how it's used on an Apple. I want to remap the 'command' key to 'control' so they both do the same thing- I'm not looking to swap them. I do, though, want to have exceptions for cmd-c, cmd-x, cmd-v.

I'm not good at understanding how xkb works, though. If I remap the modifier key, I can't then "see" the difference between cmd-c and control-c. Here's how I'm starting. Can someone help me finish it?

partial alphanumeric_keys
xkb_symbols "remap_apple" {
    include "pc105"

    key <LCTL> {        [  Control_L    ]       };
    key <LALT> {        [  Control_L ]      };

The "unreliable guide" has been the best introduction, but I get lost when it comes to the modifiers.