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Thread: Virtual Box only on 64bit ubuntu?

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    Re: Virtual Box only on 64bit ubuntu?

    Yes, vBox can suck up some resources. Gaming on two core can hit 100%, stay at times at 80 to 90%. Ended up giving 4core/4G ram to that VM. And this is not high level gaming, VB is just not designed for this.

    Same with ram, 2G minimum (3G can provide a better experience) and storage I usually set to 12G.

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    Re: Virtual Box only on 64bit ubuntu?

    For gaming, either VT-g (intel iGPUs) or VGA passthru are really the only options. Without access to a real GPU, then the CPU has to handle all that rendering. I support virtualbox is the best option for gaming in a VM without using passthru or VT-g. I haven't tried SPICE on KVM for gaming. My KVM servers aren't for gaming.
    Plus, the guestOS matters greatly. A Linux VM is much, much, lighter than Windows. Windows VMs tend to use 30% of the CPU inside the guest just because. I've never figured out why this is and it doesn't happen all the time, but once it does happen, reasons unknown, the Windows VM will keep sucking more and more CPU.

    I have lots of VMs that have less than 1G of RAM allocated. These aren't desktops. Desktop virtualization is a 5% thing for me - 5% are desktops, 95% are servers - no GUI.

    In the link above, I do mention switching from virtualbox to KVM some years ago. Can't imagine going back. virt-manager makes using KVM pretty much just like virtualbox, but with much more flexibility.

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