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Thread: Rename folders as files inside

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    Question Rename folders as files inside

    i have a problem with rename a lot of folders.

    There is a structure of my problem and what i need..

    I have many folders..
    for example:

    folder /0512-2018 contains files 78563412.txt and 78563412.rar

    ./0512-2018 -- 78563412.txt
    -- 78563412.rar

    and i need rename this folder as files inside this folder:

    ./78563412 -- 78563412.txt
    -- 78563412.rar

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: Rename folders as files inside

    ABSG will help you create a script:
    Doesn't appear to be too hard. I would pick one of the files in the subdirectory (folders are a GUI thing), probably the txt file, and find it, take the basename, then move the directory containing that file {dirname} to {basename}.

    A little find + sed + dirname + basename + mv

    Is this a homework problem for a Linux class?
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