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Thread: How to I access my phones files from Ubuntu?

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    Re: How to I access my phones files from Ubuntu?

    KDE Connect is a good choice. Also you could try the Android app called Wifi File Transfer Pro. It turns the phone into a mini webserver. You open a browser and point to that server, then use the browser interface to upload/download files over the network. It's especially helpful with bulk transfers rather than a file or two.

    I paid $3 for a license and have used it many times when nothing else seemed to connect properly.
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    Re: How to I access my phones files from Ubuntu?

    I think there's probably a modicum hope after an informal test.

    I just fired up my other laptop, with Ubuntu 18.04, and hooked up a new-sh (for me, at least) phone, not a Samsung, running Android 6.01. Although the phone initially switched to charge-only, switching it to MTP mode allowed me to access the SD card. Similarly with an older laptop running 14.04.

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