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Thread: Screen goes blank ubuntu 18.04

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    Screen goes blank ubuntu 18.04

    As it stands, I can't even access my laptop. I did a complete new installation yesterday. Everything was great till this morning when I tried waking it up from sleep. The screens gone WHITE with traces of OS activity on the background. Has anyone elss experienced this? And how was it solved? I'm tempted to just reinstall but chances are it will happen again. Please help!

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    Re: Screen goes blank ubuntu 18.04

    Some laptops don't like to awaken. Why? No idea. Before you reinstall, let's try this if that laptop has an easily removable battery. Disconnect every cable. Remove battery. Wait 5 minutes, reinstall battery and power cord, try to boot it. IF that works, let's not try the sleep thing again until someone can give an insight to the possible problem.

    Also, please post some specs on the machine: that may help us, too.

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