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Thread: Cannot install ubuntu on HP Spectre X360

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    Cannot install ubuntu on HP Spectre X360

    I'm trying to install ubuntu on my new HP Spectre X360 but I cannot because I get this message (see attach) when I start installation from usb.
    Can you help me?
    Thank you

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    Re: Cannot install ubuntu on HP Spectre X360

    Have you had any luck since you posted this? I am also having trouble installing on an HP Spectre x360, but getting different problems than you are.

    For your issue, you could try editing the grub settings and adding acpi=off.

    So, I previously tried to install 18.04 and now just tried 18.10 and got the same error that you did. I was able to make that disappear by setting acpi=off in the grub settings. But now I am getting a different message, "Couldn't get size: Unknown error code"

    I was able to solve all previous errors installing 18.04 by adding noapic noacpi nosplash in place of quiet splash in the grub boot settings. The touchpad and touchscreen are not working, but I was able to navigate the installation GUI using keys, and will try to get them working with the right drivers. Everything seems to be installing okay.
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