Developing a software to make the development life easy, what it does:

- Is developed in : C/GTK3/Glass/OpenGL
- Make the connection between several game/software projects/administratores
- Administrate : games software and art library's (models/images/sounds)
- Automates several developing tasks (files, models, etc...)
- Simulates a programming environment ( a person does not need a large programming skill to program)
- connection between client/server
- Template base development (not engine, which gives limited support to developers)

I put the explanation and the planning at this forum, here is this link :

People can help or give ideas to how it can be improved. I participated in the debate that Ubuntu have about what make better to implement ubuntu/linux.

think this may be it. A software that makes the connection and management of games and software in general. Will allow more software to come to live and be usable in Linux in general and in Ubuntu.