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Thread: Skype has problems when starting

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    Skype has problems when starting

    On my PC, with Ubuntu 18.10 installed, Skype is never starting at the first attempt on clicking on the related icon.
    Until I had Ubuntu 18.04 everything was working pretty well.
    Now on the first couple of attempts nothing happens. Then I try to start Skype from terminal. I don't receive any error message from the terminal, but a popup appears telling me there was some problem.
    After I click on the "SEND" button of the popup Skype starts (reluctantly).
    If then I quit Skype I have just the same problem with the Skype icon, but Skype starts (slowly) from terminal.
    My Skype version is and it was downloaded from Ubuntu Software Center.

    On the link there is written , on "Additional Software", that (maybe, I think) I should need "libappindicator1 or GtkStatusIcon to make the tray icon work (optional)".

    Can somebody help me to fix this problem?

    Thank you in advance,

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    Re: Skype has problems when starting

    Thread moved to General Help for a more appropriate fit.

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    Re: Skype has problems when starting

    To be more precise, the popup i receive from Ubuntu is the following
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