Ubuntu 18.10 installation on MSI WS72

(Before the following procedure we got to Ubuntu's installation menu but keyboard, touchpad, and external USB mouse and keyboard were unavailable).
-Plug in a Ubuntu 18.10 installation USB drive and turn on the computer.
-Press F11 at the MSI splash screen to enter the boot menu and choose the USB drive.

-Press ESC at the very first Ubuntu’s graphic screen, so you get the special installation menu (F1-F6 at the bottom).

-Now, press F6 ("Other Options") and select options: “acpi=off” and “nolapic”.
-Choose "Install Ubuntu" at the main menu.

-Proceed with the ordinary installation including updates.

Solving Post-installation problems:

a)The battery indicator doesn’t appear and the laptop doesn’t turn off properly.

-Enter the BIOS setup pressing DEL at the MSI splash screen at boot.

-Go to the "Advanced" menu tab and change "Super Charger" option to "AC/Battery".

-Reboot and edit the grub file $ sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

-Modify the document adding “acpi=force” at the end of the “GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT” line.

-Update the grub with $ sudo update-grub

-Reboot and now we can see the battery indicator and the laptop turns off properly.

b)When the headphones are connected, the speakers don't mute.
-Workaround: In preferences>sound we can select (S/PDIF) digital output.

c)The second hard disk isn’t detected by the BIOS.
-We haven't got any solution for this by the moment.


-Some FN functions don’t work like fly mode or eco mode.

-The speakers make sometimes a weird noise.
-Small occasional slowdowns.


-Wi-Fi OK

-Bluetooth OK

-Nvidia OK
-Sound OK

-Keyboard OK
-Touchpad OK
-Webcam OK
-Turn off with/without power supply OK