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Thread: Second HDD not recognized until clicked.

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    Second HDD not recognized until clicked.

    I cant download anything on the hard drive unless i go to Files and click on the hard drive icon there.

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    Re: Second HDD not recognized until clicked.

    gottaslay; Hello -

    The system is not going to second guess what you want to do.
    If you want a drive to be available upon booting up, ya got to tell the system so.

    One way to do so is explicitly declare the mount.
    That directive is in the /etc/fstab file.

    for some pointers on what you might want to do.

    I personally only mount my data drives as "on demand"; As I want to be fully aware of what ever might happen.

    tell me, what to do
    THE current(cy) in Documentation:

    Happy ubuntu'n !

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