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Thread: Suggestions on buying 1TB HDD

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    Suggestions on buying 1TB HDD

    Hi all,

    As the title says, I'd want you to suggest me a reliable 1TB HDD.
    I'm NOT interested in: speed, external/internal, silent, esthetics, but only reliability. My only but foundamental bond is the cost: 120$ max, so I can't consider hitachi/hgst or "enterprise" series nor SSD.

    My "reliability" reference is my very old 40GB 2.5" seagate momentus st94011a HDD, that works from about 15 years almost every day inside my old acer travelmate notebook. The only problem it had was about some bad sectors but I just partitioned the disc and isolated them, then no more problems though it hasn't ever worked very hard indeed

    This is a list of HDDs I'm pointing to for now:
    WD1003FZEX (black series)
    WD10EFRX (red series)
    ST1000DM003 (Barracuda 7200.14 series)
    ST750DM003 750GB (same as above)
    There'd be these 2 Samsung/seagate but they're out of budget, anyway if their quality/reliability is much higher than the previous' list ones, I'll consider them too:
    HD103SJ/ST1000DM005 (SpinPoint F3 series)
    HD105SI/ST1000DL004 (EcoGreen F3EG series)

    If you want to suggest an internal HDD please suggest me a good box for it too

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Suggestions on buying 1TB HDD

    These are much larger drives, so may not be representive of a small hard drive. (Did I just say 1TB is a small drive?)

    hard drive life
    In short: hard drives from HGST, a subsidiary of Western Digital, and Toshiba were far more reliable than those from Seagate across the models BackBlaze uses in its datacenters.
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    Re: Suggestions on buying 1TB HDD

    1TB is not so small for my aims, anyway size is very relative

    I already searched infos around the web including backblaze and my opinion is that there're so many people that like that site and so many others that dislike its results. My main doubt about toshiba hdds test results is that backblaze has too few of them to give a real reliable judgement compared to the others analised which are much more in number. Of course I don't say toshiba's bad but just we can't say a thing about it based on backblaze results. For this reason I focused my attention on amazon's end-users feedbacks on hdds but it's not the gospel in that case as well just because it all depends on WHO wrote the feedback Moreover nowadays 1TB toshiba hdds are made in china and they don't carry hitachi platters more.
    As you've written HGSTs are the best but I can't buy them because they're too expensive. I could risk to get something like this but I'm almost sure I'll get garbage because HGSTs have also bad feedbacks though they're very few
    If it could be possibile I'd like to get a very "old" brand new 1TB seagate hdd, "old" as mine, because I'd be almost sure of its reliability but no 1TB hdd was made at that time I don't know if it's important but mine's 1 platter and 2 heads so I wonder if this is another reliability point to focus on, anyway the first 4 hdds I listed are 1 platter's. What's your opinion about that?

    So if I can't buy HGST due to its cost and I'm not sure 1TB toshibas are so higher in quality compared to the other 1TB ones I've listed above, what does it remain to choose between?
    For these reasons I've asked suggestion here 1TB HDDs are relatively "old" compared to the larger ones so I hoped someone here could tell his/her real experience with HDDs, not based on backblaze or others

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