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Thread: LXC/LXD containers questions

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    LXC/LXD containers questions

    Hi Guys.

    Im currently running Ubuntu 18.04 server and have lxc/lxd installed.

    I want to install a minimal version of the Centos 7 container? How do I go about doing it?

    My worry is if I just run the following:

    lxc launch images:centos/7

    It will not install the minimal version of centos I want?

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    Re: LXC/LXD containers questions

    I went ahead and tried this:

    lxc launch images:centos/7/default/amd64 lxc-centos-test

    seems okay but I run into issues when a try to untar an application in the container:

    "Cannot mknod: Operation not permitted"

    I know the tar file is fine as it has no issues untar in a standard centos 7 installation, so it appear it's only happening on a LXC/LXD environment.

    Im the root user on centos 7

    Im just bewildered what's causing this

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    Re: LXC/LXD containers questions

    Could it be different filesystems between the two systems (one successful, LXD version failing)?
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