Hello there,

I hope, that someone can help with this.
I installed Landscape using this 3 Steps: https://landscape.canonical.com/set-up-on-prem
Now I try to get rid of it and I cannot find any solution on the internet.

If I just use
sudo apt purge landscape-server-quickstart
sudo apt remove landscape-server-quickstart
to remove it and delete all the dependencies with
sudo apt autoremove
there remains a lot of stuff in the system e.g. cron-jobs and startup-services etc.

I don`t understand why there is no uninstallation documented on the cannonical website.
(I must confess sometimes I just become blind in finding things wich are obvious so please correct me if there is a uninstalltion documented.)
Has anyone run in the same situation in the past and found a suitable solution?

Thank you for your time reading this - and for any help you can bring up to this.
- Dattl