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Thread: Cannot access network share Ubuntu-->Ubuntu

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    Cannot access network share Ubuntu-->Ubuntu

    I created a network share as per these instructions, and reading a lot of other posts across the web on the subject once it failed - seems like there are plenty about Ubuntu<-->Win but not much about Ubuntu<--->Ubuntu. I have this setup in fstab at work between several systems but cannot get to work here at home for whatever reason.
    When I try to access via Nautilus-->Connect to Server it brings up a login prompt. I input my username and password but it just pops back up.
    In the end what I am trying to do is have a MotioneyeOS system write files to this share,but I cannot even get two of the same versions of Ubuntu to share.
    My smb.conf is the sample plus the lines from the link.
    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Cannot access network share Ubuntu-->Ubuntu

    For file sharing when both machines are running Linux, you should use NFS, not Windows CIFS.

    Any machines sharing files will need to install nfs-kernel-server. Any client machines without a server need nfs-common.

    See the instructions here for more details:
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    Re: Cannot access network share Ubuntu-->Ubuntu

    I have some questions:

    [1] Are you saying that this share is accessible at work from Windows and Linux machines in that network but not at home?

    [2] Which version of Ubuntu are you using on the server and client? Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, ...?

    [3] So if you go to the server and run this command:
    testparm -s
    Is this how samba sees your share definition:
    path = /home/geek/Desktop/Share
    valid users = geek
    read only = No
    guest ok = Yes
    And did you add the valid user to the samba password database:
    sudo smbpasswd -a geek
    If you get warning or errors or if you share definition does not look like what I posted above post the entire output of:
    testparm -s


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