Hi, a quick search didn't result in anything useful.

I have a laptop with a busted screen, screen displays just garbage and finger touch input reeks havoc. I disabled it in the settings on the current version of mint I'm running.

But, I need to reinstall since the install itself is busted (can't install new software via terminal with the "sudo apt-get install programxy" nor the software manager, too lazy to research what's going on there, need to re-install anyway because there's more issues and it's been three years since the last fresh install anyways).
But, running the installer with enabled touch would be a nightmare.

Is there a way to modify the image I'll download before making a bootable USB device out of it? All tutorials regarding "disable touchscreen" are for scenarios were the OS has already been installed beforehand, which doesn't help me at all in my case.

Thank you in adavnce