i usually toggle the mouse pad of my KuduPro off and just use a wireless mouse. at dinner time i turn off the wirless mouse and leave the laptop alone for typically at least an hour and a half and often up to two and a half hours as i watch some TV news as well.

when i return, i am finding that the mouse pad has turned itself back on in almost all cases. i have not tried leaving the wireless mouse on, yet. but it does not turn itself back on when i am using it. has anyone seen this behavior? is there a BIOS or kernel setting that can fix this?

when it is on (either because i left it on after booting up, or it turned itself back on) the wireless mouse still works OK. so i don't notice unless my arm rubs the mouse pad while typing.

this is not a major problem because i can turn it back off. it is annoying when i forget to.