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Thread: Scanner doesn't work in Ubuntu 18.04.

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    Scanner doesn't work in Ubuntu 18.04.

    Hello, I need help. Recently I bought new multifunction printer Samsung Xpress SL-M2070, installed drivers from HP site called ULD(scanner+printer driver for Linux systems), but Scanner doesn't work(Printer works find). Why? I tried to contact with HP support team, but they said that Linux system isn't supported and they can't help me;(

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    Re: Scanner doesn't work in Ubuntu 18.04.


    yesterday I had the same problem with a Samsung Xpress SL-C460W Color Laser Multifunction Printer and the ULD_V1.00.39_01.17
    version after upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04. Reinstalling after the upgrade did work for the printer but not for the scanner.

    I was able to fix it for my situation in the following way:

    The reason it didn't work for me is that the script does the configuration properly for sane, but
    then copies the .so files into a folder that Ubuntu 18.04 does not expect, while this used to work in Ubuntu 16.04 (32 bits).
    In my case it was: /usr/lib/sane, while all the other scanner drivers were located in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/sane.

    copying the libsane-smfp.* files to /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/sane and then starting xsane from the console did the trick for me.

    I don't know if this is an Ubuntu bug or an outdated Samsung installation script thing (the version of the script was released in 2017).

    If anyone knows if I should report this to HP as a bug (as the ULD is still listed on their site) and more importantly how,
    please let me know.

    Hope this solves it for you as well.


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