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Thread: Wifi Work direct connection doesn't

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    Wifi Work direct connection doesn't

    My Wifi works. Tried different cable/ putting cable into different slot on router = and still unable to connect ever since (I'm so SORRY I did!)
    Ever since I updated last night to 18.04.01

    never had problem with wired connection for past 5 years. Is there a way to downgrade becausethis is very frustrating.

    So turned everything off, check the connector in Pavilion g6= FINE
    turned everything back on. Appears connected but I will update if changes.
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    Re: Wifi Work direct connection doesn't

    So it appears that when laptop goes into sleep mode is when the problem happens. I wake it up and I have a question mark where the direct connect icon is supposed to be. I restart the computer and it's fine. Never had this problem with Trusty Thar. Wish I never upgraded. It was working fine before.

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