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Thread: Kubuntu 18.04 Default email client

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    Kubuntu 18.04 Default email client

    I have Kubuntu 18.04 with plasma desktop. I want to use gmail as my default email client, and in KDE Settings -> Applications -> Default Applications -> Email Client -> I've set Use a Different Email Client to "/chrome/google-chrome", which has been suggested in other forums.

    If I enter the above quoted phrase in a terminal, it does in fact open the panel to compose an email in gmail. But if I try to forward an article in, say, Chrome or Facebook, it tries to open kmail, which is not installed on my system. How can I fix this?

    Thx, Gus

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    Re: Kubuntu 18.04 Default email client

    You need to change the handler for mailto:-URLs in Chrome. Since I don't use Chrome I can't tell you how to do that, but in Firefox that's on the first page of settings under applications and there's an option to use GMail (and at least one other Web-Mailer) there ...

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