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Thread: Dynamic DNS Update from Remote, Delegated Zone/Site

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    Question Dynamic DNS Update from Remote, Delegated Zone/Site

    Alright, so here's what I have:

    I have a home server that is a primary DNS that hosts a domain & zone provided by (let's call it ""). All LAN clients' domain names are dynamically updated to this home DNS server via the accompanying isc-dhcpd daemon. My public IP address, provided by my ISP, is dynamic.

    I have set up a second server at a relative's house whose subdomain will be delegated from my zone: let's call it "". The public IP address for this site is also dynamic.

    What I'm trying to accomplish is to have periodically send updates to's forward-mapping zone with its hostname + current IP address, somewhere around 4 hours. I have ruled out zone transfers since all it would accomplish is send main sets of non-routeable addresses (I use Class C on both networks). Unfortunately, sub.main's modem/router has only DynDNS as a DDNS option, nothing customizable. The same thing applies to my own modem on main's network. I'm trying to see if using SSH IP & port forwarding/tunneling would work, but I can't get it to run on either host server (both Local and Reverse port forwarding). Then again, I don't yet fully understand it either.

    How do I get this to work? Am I right in thinking OpenSSH forwarding would work? Or am I definitely missing something here?

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    Re: Dynamic DNS Update from Remote, Delegated Zone/Site

    ddclient is the usual answer for dynamic DNS updates. I don't know **anything** about duckdns, but I've used it with no-ip, dyn, and a few others.

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    Re: Dynamic DNS Update from Remote, Delegated Zone/Site

    I'm trying to experiment using nsupdate to update my remote DNS system, but it's not present. I've searched my repositories, but there's no mention of it. If it's in the bind-utils suite, I'm not seeing it. Know how I can get nsupdate?

    EDIT: Nevermind, found it! I was supposed to search for "dnsutils"; it's not in "bind-utils." D'OH!
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