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Thread: Probleme about changing password

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    Probleme about changing password

    I come to you for help, I wanted to change my password (because I do not remember it anymore), I used the system recovery as saying internet, I used the boot system with the commands : passwd "username", and asking me for the new password Unix, when I type something nothing is shown (they said it's normal) but suddenly when I try another password : authentication token Manipulation error

    Please help me

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    Re: Probleme about changing password

    Hello and welcome to the forums

    "authentication token Manipulation error" usually means the system can't write the new password hash to the shadow file

    If you are using the recovery shell, make sure that you remount the filesystem in read-write mode before trying to change the password:

    mount -o rw,remount /
    There are clear visual instructions here: How to reset your password in Ubuntu



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