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Thread: Moving passwords from Safari

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    Moving passwords from Safari


    I want to make a switch to Ubuntu from Mac.
    Is there a way to move my passwords from safari to e.g. firefox?


    Can anyone help? I really need to move from MacOS.

    Unfortunately there is no solution for now besides copy/paste or just keeping "forgot my password"...
    Kind of solution:

    [edit] Unfortunately this not a good solution...
    Be damned Apple!

    [edit] Ok There is a long term way to move some of your passwords. So definitely not perfect!

    You have to install e.g. (works on every platform and browser) and every time you visit a website just remember to log out.
    Then you have to log in, use autofill from Safari. After you log in lastpass will ask you to save the password and there you go.
    It's not a prefect solution but it helps you keep password independent from platform.
    Lastpass is not perfect but you can get used to it. Looks way worse than 1password Oh and the "safe" built in browser is really old school.
    That is the cost of keeping your stuff independent
    If I remember correctly some time ago Lastpass had an importer but not anymore. :/ [UPDATE] They do have importer but not for Safari (( Everything work even on my really old phone HTC One so I guess it will work on yours.

    Still if you have any faster ways just let me know.

    Just discovered a lot of alternatives:
    I will look for working importer

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