Hello all,

I am looking potentially to pick up an MSI GL73 8RCO-32 17.3" specifically for use with Linux. I will likely run Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or a variant as the base OS and virtualize any Windows that comes with it using VirtualBox. I need the machine for a portable Linux powerhouse that I can run multiple simultaneous other Linux VMs on. I have installed Linux on an MSI-branded laptop before but that was quite a number of years ago now...

I am a seasoned Linux user - been using it since 1993 - and am quite happy manually installing drivers, tweaking UEFI parameters, adding command line options, rebuilding kernels from source code if need be.

However, as anyone, I'd prefer not to have to do those things if I don't need to

I've looked back over other forum posts at other experiences people have had installing various Linux versions on various other recent MSI gaming laptops and I've seen some posts that mention bootup issues - specifically nvidia driver issues - bluetooth, keyboard backlight, boot parameters including: acpi_osi, nomodeset, pci=nomsi, libata.force=noncq or some combination of those. (I've noted the list of other links in this thread for example: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2365997 )

Particularly useful was this that I found: https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?t...422#msg1652422 but that's obviously for a different unit.

So, I was wondering if anyone had hit any specific issues with this model, or, any of the components of this model that are common to others in the MSI range. From my assessment of the above and the components it would seem like things should be tweakable to a normal boot without too much hassle - mainly getting the nvidia drivers installed - but still needing to know if there's anything I missed before I hit "Purchase".

What would also be useful is if you have successfully done this and needed other updated vendor-sourced drivers or additional ppa site addon drivers if you have the information for that. I'll continue googling obviously , but thought I'd ask folks here too.

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