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Thread: AR (Augmented Reality) based mobile app to provide tech help

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    AR (Augmented Reality) based mobile app to provide tech help

    I’m doing a research project for school, trying to see if there is
    an interest in a AR assisted technical support mobile application.
    My hypothesis is that technical forum users
    (solutions seeker and providers) would be a good target user base,
    especially for hardware support, where a live video feed is
    often worth a thousand words. Please share your thoughts.

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    Re: AR (Augmented Reality) based mobile app to provide tech help

    This was not the place to start your question survey.

    You were instructed to post here to ask the Admins if your survey would be appropriate.

    Here is the full text of the part of the Forums Rules you were directed to:

    Surveys: Before posting your survey, please post a request in the Resolution Center. An administrator will respond to you to let you know if you can post it in the Ubuntu,Linux, and OS chat.

    Generally, surveys will only be granted to established members who have a significant posting history.

    Can only used to collect data on open source software, hardware, or licenses.

    State the reason why you want to post it.

    Have an end date.
    Your request fulfills none of those requirements.

    Further, from the Ubuntu Forums Posting Guidelines:

    While we are happy to serve as a resource for hints and for asking questions when you get stuck and need a little help, the Ubuntu Forums is not a homework service. Please do not post your homework assignments expecting someone else to do it for you. Any such threads will either be jailed or closed, and warnings or infractions may be issued.
    Your request also fails this.

    Your request is, therefore, denied.
    Please read The Forum Rules and The Forum Posting Guidelines
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