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Thread: Can I install ubuntu to a hard drive via sd card?

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    Can I install ubuntu to a hard drive via sd card?

    I don't have a usb drive or cd, all I have is a sd card, could I wipe my hard drive and install ubuntu with some sort of file I can put onto an sd card? I don't really know how any of this works please help xd

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    Re: Can I install ubuntu to a hard drive via sd card?

    Perhaps yes. It depends on whether your SD slot can be used as a boot device.

    I have a toshiba chromebook and it does boot from SD media in the SD slot. If that is possible with your computer, then you can boot an Ubuntu ISO and use that to Try Ubuntu. Definitely "Try Ubuntu" before attempting an install. Check that the mouse/keyboard, audio, networking, all work first.

    There are lots of different Ubuntu "flavors"- these are different GUIs. The default Ubuntu installer is fairly heavy and wants a nice GPU. Basically, you want a Core i3/i5/i7 computer for it. If you have a Celeron or Pentium CPU (or AMD equiv), then take a look at the lighter desktop GUIs. If you post the CPU and RAM information about your computer, we can recommend different GUIs that work well.

    If all goes well, you can also install Ubuntu from that media. No need to wipe the HDD prior - the Ubuntu installer will allow you to wipe storage during installation, if that is your choice. Just read the prompts carefully. If you don't want to loose any files, you need to back those up to external media and disconnect it BEFORE the install attempt.

    BTW, there are thousands of youtube videos showing Ubuntu installations.


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