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Thread: Laptop docking units compatible with Ubuntu?

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    Laptop docking units compatible with Ubuntu?

    Soon I will purchase a new laptop, likely a Dell XPS. I intend to purchase a port replicator or "docking unit" for desktop connection to LAN, monitors, audio, keyboard, mouse.

    These contemporary docking units, one cable, a USB-C or USB-3, connects laptop to docking station.

    Information on Dell docking units, and I think Kensington, hints they are not compatible with linux: "...for use with Windows and Mac laptops..." From that I infer drivers are required - and that there are no linux drivers.

    Anyone able to share experience or knowledge on this?

    [edit] I may be on path to answer my own question. Since posting this I've discovered these "one cable" docking units all seem to rely on DisplayLink technology.

    On, on the downloads page, Ubuntu drivers do seem to be available, at least for vers. 17.10 & 16.04.

    "How to install DisplakLink software on Ubuntu:"

    Remain interested in hearing of others experiences with this.

    Thank you,

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