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Thread: 18.04.1 still freezes

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    Re: 18.04.1 still freezes

    CPU family:          15
    Model:               2
    Model name:          Mobile Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4     CPU 3.06GHz
    Stepping:            9
    This is one of those 89W CPU's that Intel shoehorned into a laptop chassis. I'd be paranoid about monitoring temps, making sure it's not overheating, keeping the heatsink/fan and vents dust free, etc.

    EDIT: Actually, the 89W chips were Prescott-based. This looks to be a Northwood-based chip, so probably 70W TDP. I still wouldn't one in my laptop and I'd still keep a close eye on temps.
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    Re: 18.04.1 still freezes

    Considering the thermal/fan fixes, upgrading the BIOS might not be a bad idea. Then again, if a system is freezing unpredictably and something goes wrong during the flashing, you probably have a paperweight. Fair warning..

    Issues Fixed:
    1. Update the micro-code of Mobile Intel Pentium 4
    Issues Fixed:
    1. Fix CD/DVD drive disappeared in boot menu during POST if the drive is DVD+/-RW.
    2. Set fan to turn on at boot by timer only 30 seconds and then follow thermal
    table fan PWM definition.
    3. Added support for "Get keyboard Active Row" and "Get LCD Lid Current State"
    into Diags BIOS interface
    Issues Fixed:
    1. Update thermal table to improve the "Thermal dust" issue.
    2. Display the warning message in POST for "Thermal dust" issue when system
    is powered off by the temperature is beyond the critical temperature under OS.
    3. BIOS can identify DVD+ re-writable drives and show "DVD+/-RW" in Setup for it
    Issues Fixed:
    1. Support the new QuickSet warning message on detecting
    unsupported BATTERY/ADAPTER scenarios.
    2. Support battery warning message in POST as the same as
    new QuickSet warning message.
    3. Fix the issue "Can not boot to the device selected right
    after changing boot sequence in POST
    Issues Fixed:
    1. Support XGI XP5 video card.
    2. Revert back PSA to build 3009.
    3. Updated 4401 PXE image to version 2.0.4.
    4. Show "Mobile Pentinum 4 HT" for Northwood MT HT CPU in Setup.

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    Re: 18.04.1 still freezes


    Quote Originally Posted by electrosteam View Post
    Recently had a freeze with one tab of the Slimjet browser open and scrolling in a simple page.

    The frozen display of GKrellM was cpus at 25%, memory at 25% and swap very low.
    The Krell configuration is 10 updates per second, so the display could be way too late to see the problem.

    I have since changed the Swappiness from 60 to 10.

    Ran Memtest86+ for 5 passes over 9.75 hrs without any fault reported.
    The test window showed test being applied to memory block 1024 to 2048 on my 2GB machine.
    I now propose to swap the two internal memory sticks and re-run the test.

    I don't run many applications, but none of them ever seem to suffer their own crash.
    So the problem could very well be confined to the OS or video drivers.

    1) It would be nice to do the test by changing the memory sticks, just to eliminate completely memory.

    2) You could try an older version of lubuntu, much older actually, in order to eliminate driver.

    3) You could try mate, in order to eliminate OS.

    How do you check the logs? What is the report you are getting after a reboot?


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    Re: 18.04.1 still freezes

    Thanks for all the support and the data on the BIOS.

    Looks like my work load is:
    - check logs,
    - swap memory sticks and clean fans, heatsinks etc,
    - do a 5 pass memory test,
    - update the BIOS,
    - monitor temperature in use,
    - research older, smaller, different OS.

    Previous critical checking of logs with 17.10.1 produced nothing, but I should see if 18.04.1 leaves some trace.
    My wife thinks it time to relegate this laptop anyway, so no great loss if BIOS updating breaks.
    I have checked temperature before, and I know some of the freezes occurred with very low cpu activity.

    The work scope will take a few days,

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    Re: 18.04.1 still freezes

    Quote Originally Posted by electrosteam View Post
    swap memory sticks
    I'd rather test them one at a time, though 1GB of RAM isn't much these days.

    EDIT: Oh, and here's someone claiming that acpi=off stopped freezing on their Inspiron 5150:
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