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Thread: how to enlarge fonts in top bar?

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    how to enlarge fonts in top bar?

    i am using Unity in Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04 LTS Desktop Edition full installed back in 2016 on my laptop and would like to enlarge the fonts on the bar at the top (not the launcher with application icons) where i see the [X] button in an orange circle for the current application show up on the upper left corner and see the date and time near the upper right corner near the gear icon. how can i enlarge the fonts there? i prefer a way that stays set between logins. but i can use a command to set it and put it in my .bashrc file if it is OK to run it multiple times (since i start up many terminals).
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    Re: how to enlarge fonts in top bar?

    Thread closed. Please do not post duplicates, it dilutes community effort.

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