Attempting to install the Broadcom driver for integral wireless card
on a Dell M4800 laptop. The process errors and pokes back a message
about dkms is unhappy over lack of 'gcc'

Found 'gcc' but instructions provided for installation assume you
are downloading during the install and since the pc does not have
internet connectivity (no wireless) I cannot use that procedure.

Downloaded gcc on another system and used USB Thumb Drive
to shoe leather express the file to the M4800. Then unpack the
tar file and go to the directory created (gcc-7-7.3.0), I have
normally used the sequence:
make install
to install prior packages but found no ./configure in the directory

Drilling further down and unpacking gcc-7.3.0 revealed a file 'INSTALL'
but after reading it I am lost.

Is there an easy method to install gcc without a network connection
and if so were do I find it?