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Thread: 18.04 mini.iso software choices

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    Re: 18.04 mini.iso software choices

    The issues with the GTK (default) GUI that I had were not anything normal users would experience.

    I did try the Qt session and it entered an X/session without any panels or menus. Most people would need a hard reset if they didn't setup ssh-server first. The Qt capabilities appear to be for staging only at this point.

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    Re: 18.04 mini.iso software choices

    Hi TheFu -
    I decided to try to re-install the Lubuntu Minimal Installation with both the (GTK Part) and (Qt Part) from the mini.iso disk. The problems I had with it on the first go around were related to PAE and not the software itself. Both installed fine. I understand better the differences between GTK and Qt....different appearance and different software choices mostly.

    Thanks again for the help!

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