We've had a TeamTalk 5 server set up for a while because it's accessible for visually impaired users and their screen readers. It's been set up on an Ubuntu Server 14.04 32-bit for a number of years.
We've gotten a new (to us) Dell 64-bit server and are going to use it for our website - which will include TeamTalk 5.3.2 - and we're wanting to use the new Ubuntu 18.04.
Can I install TeamTalk on the 64-bit server the same way I did on the 32-bit server or do I need to do it some different way?
The information I found to install it, I found here: http://linux-workers.tumblr.com/post/119637962446/setup-teamtalk-5-on-a-debian-server

Any help - especially the "dummies" version - would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,