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Thread: unity8 just plain busted on yakkety daily

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    unity8 just plain busted on yakkety daily

    Downloaded and installed yakkety current. Installed unity8 on both nVidia and Intel based form factors. AtM , unity8 is , well. broke, busted and just not working in any manner to test. These are installs with non-ppa updates. Will unity8 be ready for testing at the end of this cycle or will it go the way of Ubuntu_Next personal image? I do have some installs of xenial that work really well with Libertine containers etc...


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    Re: unity8 just plain busted on yakkety daily

    Unity8 is no longer a Canonical/Ubuntu project. UBports has taken over development. For support, I'd suggest looking here.

    Thread Closed.

    Edit: 16.10 reached EOL in July 2017, so it is no longer supported either.
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