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Thread: [SOLVED] Please close the Automatix forum

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    arnieboy Guest

    [SOLVED] Please close the Automatix forum

    Please close the Automatix sub forum and also please change the message at the top to the following:
    "The Automatix 3rd party forum has been closed on the request of the Automatix Team. For all Automatix related questions and support please go to"

    Also, please lock the following thread:
    Thanks in advance,
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    arnieboy Guest

    Re: Please close the Automatix forum

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    Re: Please close the Automatix forum

    Do you mean to keep the forum thread you want locked? May I suggest just locking both threads instead. With the one you want to remove just kept at what comes with Automatix, the how to install,and the links to the Automatix homepage. The reason I suggest this is that for the newbies coming in fresh to Ubuntu it's the Automatix sub forum start that introduces them to your app.
    That's how I found it. Then after getting eased in Ubuntu through Automatix it became an easier adjustment to learn Ubuntu including bookmarking The Home of Automatix.
    In essence Arnieboy the intro of that subforum is what sells your app to its main market the noob. So maybe a request for a sticky for the 1st post of the Automatix sub forum would be a better alternative. (just my 2 cents)


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