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Thread: What SSD to buy for my laptop?

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    What SSD to buy for my laptop?

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting an SSD for my laptop, my laptop is an MSI GE72 6QD Apache Pro, which came from the factory without an SSD and I have some doubts:

    What type of SSD do I have to give it? Can it only be of type M.2?
    Does anyone know how many slots for SSD has my laptop in particular?
    To install it I just have to put it and already this, or part I have to put a driver?

    I have been looking at M.2 SSD and I do not know what I have to look to see which one is better. Can you guide me? I have seen that there is the interface type, there are some that are SATA3 other PCIe 3.0 x4 What is exactly ? I've also seen that there is durability with X TB. Does that mean that when you get to those TB used the SSD stops working? I also see that there is speed of reading, speed of random reading, speed of writing and speed of random writing, Of all this that I have to look to know which is better ?. Or you can refer to the SSD recommended in this article, thank you for telling me which one is the best.

    Thank you very much
    A greeting.
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    Re: What SSD to buy for my laptop?

    Hello and welcome to the forum echo482, you posted in an English only sub-forum for all future posts please post in English or start a thread in our Spanish sub-forum.



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