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Thread: Desktop Launcher Icon won't change

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    Question Desktop Launcher Icon won't change

    Firstly if I'm duplicating anything I apologise. I've tried searching and can't find anything so I don't think I am.

    I run UBUNTU 16.04 lts.
    I have a problem with the icon for one of my desktop launchers which refuses to change.
    I have edited the .desktop file and it won't change.
    I have gone into the properties and selected a totally different icon and it won't change.
    I have three background process which each automatically changes the icons for some of 15 desktop launchers and all work perfectly except for this one.
    I have deleted the .desktop file and re created it by copying and editing a working one but to no avail.
    I have rebooted the system several times (not just for this)

    It's starting to dive me mad. Can anyone advise what else I can do?

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    Re: Desktop Launcher Icon won't change

    Desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications will override the ones of same name in /usr/share/applications.

    If that has no impact then post the contents of this particular .desktop file.


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