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Thread: Ubuntu recognizes network but always fails to connect to it?

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    Ubuntu recognizes network but always fails to connect to it?

    I dual booted Ubuntu 18.04 alongside Windows 10 the other night, but it cannot connect to WiFi. I go to the WiFi settings and several networks including my own network appears in the "Visible Networks" box. I can put in the password and it will remember it just fine, but every time I click on my network in hopes to connect, it says "Connection failed; Activation of network connection failed."

    Another thing is that our network has 3 little branches to connect to(Not sure what the correct term is), xxxx, xxxx_2GEXT,and xxxx_5GEXT. The xxxx_2GEXT one is always listed, xxxx is occasionally listed, and xxxx_5GEXT is never listed.

    Our provider is Comcast, and we use the Xfinity modem-router. My desktops WiFi card (internal) is TP-Link TL-WDN4800.

    Ethernet is not an option, but I have connected an Ethernet cord from my desktop(Ubuntu) to my laptop(Win10) to try to share the WiFi, but it won't work.

    I can install any Linux distro onto my laptop and the WiFi will work perfectly fine, but not on my desktop.

    I don't know any other information to say, except for that my desktop is custom built, if that's even necessary to find the problem and solution.

    I am also still very new to Linux, so I would appreciate it if you could explain it very simply.

    I ran the wireless info program thing and my results are in this pastebin:
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