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Thread: I phone security possible?

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    I phone security possible?

    I'm starting to become aware of how badly Android OS, Google, and others are activity data mining and worse.

    So I wonder if there is an optimum way to have a secure phone. Simply for the reason that my business is mine and no others.

    The phone itself, who makes it is a starting point, then the OS, then not using Apps except perhaps Signal text, Proton mail, VPN, but than I realize the US gov. created the Internet and The Onion Router, so, what's the point? Well sir, da goverment gone do what da gov. gone do, so my battle must be against Google, facebook, treacherous Apps (all of them), all the nefarious and corporate intrusions into my privacy.

    Is ubuntu a serious OS that is better than Apple or Android OS for personal privacy? What actual cell phone or is there such a thing as a cell phone without built hardware to grad data? Even OnePlus One had been rumored to be suspect in sending data to China. Although it is difficult to corroborate one way or the other.

    Anyway, I was mulling over having a OnePlus One and install ubuntu touch with a VPN, and signal and web based Proton mail for starters, not install apps, basically use web browser, (wishing duckduckgo browser was available for Touch),

    So, tear me down, prove me wrong or right, on the correct path to security (whatever that it) way off base. or, fagetabout it, it's an impossible task.

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    Re: I phone security possible?

    Recently I saw a thread of Purism on our forums here:

    It's neither running Android nor Apple iOS. I think that could be the answer you are looking for !


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