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Thread: Sharing data in VB

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    Re: Sharing data in VB

    Quote Originally Posted by nooshinnr View Post
    I had installed Vbox 5.1.34 on my ubuntu 16.04 and the guest OS on the VBox was a win7. the USB 3 was not working which I found out is a problem with the version of virtual box. but the main problem was the point that I was not able to share every file between the to OS. was able to access to the share folder via both OS and some file were shared but when I tried to share large files or some other files an error was displayed in win7.
    You have to setup a shared folder and mount it in VB. Make a folder then go to VBOX's Settings > Shared folders, you can set it to automount and grant full access to VBox guest.

    To use usb device in vbox you have to install the guest additions


    add yourself to the vboxusers group

    sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers $USER
    Then logout and login again.

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    Re: Sharing data in VB

    Quote Originally Posted by nooshinnr View Post
    I did but I receive this:There are no enabled repos.
    Have you updated yet, so the repos can be found?
    sudo apt update
    as well,
    Could you walk through the steps you ran when trying to enable the repos?
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