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Thread: What is the purpose of Netplan?

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    Re: What is the purpose of Netplan?

    Quote Originally Posted by chili555 View Post
    Sure. But back in the day, we didn't have any Network Manager and had to connect by editing an /etc file or else entirely by command line. When Network Manager came along, it was buggy and derided by most and with almost the same language as netplan is today!

    In Linux, the only constant is change!
    I still purge nm-* from all my systems today.

    On my laptop, I use wicd-curses to manage wifi connections when travelling. At home, it is wired ethernet and uses dhcp reservations.

    I've avoided netplan completely, so far.
    Got into a fight with resolvconf and systemd yesterday on a few boxes that had been working over 2 yrs. Someone changed something somewhere and it wasn't me. In the end, I just modified the /etc/resolv.conf file and did a sudo chattr +i on it. I'd wasted 20 minutes trying to get either of those tools to work they way they claimed. None did and my settings for dns-nameservers in the "interfaces" file was being ignored too.

    Screw them all, {insert distasteful word}.

    I've been working on my neck beard and long hair the last few months. Time for an updated govt ID.

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    Re: What is the purpose of Netplan?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheFu View Post
    I feel ya. ... I've seen a few people in these forums having issues that netplan isn't ready to solve, at least that is how it appears. Mainly around bridge setups.
    I haven't moved any of my systems to 18.04 at this point. Netplan is part of the issues I'm not prepared to tackle.

    Netplan is exactly the reason I have stayed back from 18 in my dev work, and now I have a catch-22 driving me to use it, since a bug in 16 will never be fixed, and yet we have a bug in the very thing I need the most help with in 18.

    Creating a working bridge to route a secondary nic. arggh!

    With 18 you get netplan, and pieces of network manager, and pieces of the old "interfaces" file method we all learned before the turn of the century. What a mess!

    They do not peacefully co-exist. If you try making a change by other means, netplan will probably have unexpected results at boot, and may well recreate some defaults and muck up the mix again, so it seems we have to use one or the other, but not not both, and certainly not all three.

    My plan: Give netplan one more try, by using just netplan files and nothing from the other methods, but if I cannot create a working bridge in netplan, it's back to basics.

    In my case, if creating a bridge in yaml and netplan has a bug, using the other methods is the only resolution.

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    Re: What is the purpose of Netplan?

    Does anyone know if netplan is being adopted by other debian based linux distributions? I only know if it being used by Ubuntu/Canonical.

    So far, I have stayed with Ubuntu server 16.04, however its time to move on.
    Myself, and as much as possible, I would prefer to use the same methods and tools for Ubuntu, Debian, and Raspbian.

    I have had a test 20.04 server running for months now, with netplan removed and ifupdown installed.
    I also have another 20.04 one running with netplan, but have yet to actually make a useful server out of it.

    EDIT: Found a few related things: [1][2][3]
    Last edited by Doug S; 1 Week Ago at 11:59 PM.
    Any follow-up information on your issue would be appreciated. Please have the courtesy to report back.

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