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Thread: Need help with Wi-Fi

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    Question Need help with Wi-Fi

    Hi All,
    Due to some reasons, I was unable to use Ubuntu untill recently, Now i have one laptop with Intel 7265 AC Inbuilt wi-fi card,
    there are two prime issue faced running ubuntu 16.x

    1). Wi-Fi connected to my office network only on 2.4Ghz band while that network supports both.
    2). WI-Fi shows its connected to my office AP, but it will not transmit any data, its kinda freezed and will not let me browse or do anything online
    I do get "request time outs" if i've kept the Pings going earlier during this outage window.
    Mostly the Wi-Fi would start working again in a few seconds, while very rarely I would need to disable the wi-fi and re-enable it to start working again.

    Please help me, I am kind stuck with this laptop.

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    Re: Need help with Wi-Fi


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