Hi everybody,

I have a problem with my new rig (Ryzen 5 1600, gtx 1050).

I have multiple monitor setup (3 monitors and 1 TV) - 1xDVI, 2xHDMI, 1xDP

I have installed nvidia latest driver, which seems to be nvidia 384.

Sometimes after booting up, I only get picture on 2 monitors. If i try to open display config settings, it ALWAYS recognizes all 4 monitors. I can't get it to work within system, only thing it helps is reboot. But its super annoying, as this in necessary almost every day. Also when system is running fine, when left alone for some time (so that it turns off monitors after screen saver), when I wake it up, sometimes the same happens (I don't get picture to all monitors). Rarely it happens, that it wont show picture at any monitor at all.

Can someone help me?

Thank you,