Hi there folks,

I recently installed the LTS Latest version of Ubuntu on my Mac through Parallels.
Parallels claims to have full support of Ubuntu.

I installed all parallels tools for ubuntu as well

by following this guide - https://kb.parallels.com/en/113394

But the problem is my internal speakers are not working with any Audio played via the web. If i download and play in Ubuntu's native media player, it works fine.

Here are my system details.

Macbook pro 13 inch 2015 edition
JBL inbuilt speakers
Parallels Dual Boot Software for mac

And problem is present in
Chromium & Firefox Browsers
I have tested it on Apple Music, YouTube Music and a few general music websites like this one or simple online streaming sites too.

I searched everywhere. These same browsers work fine in other dual booted operating systems.

Can anyone atleast point me in the right direction to understand why my browsers wont play sound or music?