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Thread: Custom Language Setting

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    Custom Language Setting


    I'm trying to figure out how to create a custom language setting for Ubuntu & Debian Based Linux systems.

    There's not a unicode setting yet for Aurebesh, the Star Wars based Galactic Basic.

    I want a custom language setting for Aurebesh & Sith languages. I as well want language settings for other languages, both real & fictional.

    Any instructions or tutorials that the community could point me to would be really helpful.


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    Re: Custom Language Setting

    That's a good question and one that would be extremely hard to search the Internet for since there are so many how-to articles on changing keyboard layouts or language to an EXISTING different language. Hopefully someone who is in the know will come along and help you out.

    If there was not any documentation, the 1st place I would look is how others do it currently and reverse engineer it. Such as figuring out how to add a different language to the system and then look at the package contents and keep tracing back the individual parts until I found what I was looking for...such as a language file to edit.



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