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Thread: System76 Firmware Updater

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    System76 Firmware Updater

    Yesterday I received a popup after I ran updates from the System76 Firmware Updater that it could not download firmware, wilp12 not known. Today when I came back from lunch that popup was back.

    Has anyone else ran into this?

    Looking at it looks like System76 has started updates for laptops but I don't see that they started for desktops. Is that coming soon? Would be nice if this could be changed to not pop that error until one is released.

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    Re: System76 Firmware Updater

    My laptop's firmware updated last week with no issue.
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    Re: System76 Firmware Updater

    Same problem with my older Gazelle p8 (gazp8) see this thread
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    Re: System76 Firmware Updater

    I'm getting a message (dialog box coming up automatically):

    Could not download firmware

    abcde not known

    where abcde is the System76 model number (e.g. like gazp8 above).

    What is this message actually trying to tell me? Is it a problem? Is it failing to download because of something that I have done?

    I am getting this on two computers, one admittedly quite some years old (>5) but one less than two years old.

    If this is something to do with Intel's backdoor then, as far as I can tell, both computers have that problem (vPro).

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    Re: System76 Firmware Updater

    I just followed the instructions and updated the firmware. It has given me massive improvement on my Gazelle when it comes to fan usage.
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    Re: System76 Firmware Updater

    Hello Folks !!!
    My gazelle 8 It has the same problem
    I can not update bios
    and they hiden the usb boot from setup
    Any Idea.....

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    Re: System76 Firmware Updater

    If the laptop or desktop hasn't been added to the Firmware Updater it won't find an update for that system and prompt you with that message when the application is opened.


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